Here at UNICEF HQ in New York City, we’re big fans of Humans of New York. The person behind it, Brandon, has recently been in South Sudan. We love this image of these two girls – and the turn of phrase one of them uses to describe her dreams. Check out his page to find out more about how people in South Sudan are faring in one of the worst humanitarian crises today. UNICEF South Sudan #SouthSudanNOW

She said she wanted to be a pilot, and when I asked why, she spoke two words. My translator said: “She says, something like: ‘I want to be able to control myself in the air.'”
“But what exactly did she say?” I asked.
“‘Kuar Nhial,’ he answered. ‘It means: ‘I’ll be the leader of the air.'”

(Tongping Internally Displaced Persons Site, Juba, South Sudan)