Who doesn’t love to look beautiful? Irrespective of age, all people men or women have a grace which they never want to fade away. That way in India too, people are concerned about their skin and body. So, applying cosmetics to enhance the beauty features for better skin is something obvious.

Pollution, radiations, dirt etc. damage our skin badly and to wash these off became mandatory to stay charming. In cosmetic market nourishing products are available in a wider range to get you a better skin.

Just like the other medical products cosmetics are also available in two types; synthetic and herbal. Herbal cosmetic products are usually free from any kind of side-effects and hence given preference. They are gentle and cause no harm to the skin.

Here is the list of top 10 herbal cosmetic producers in India-


One of the most trusted brands in the Indian market, Himalaya Herbal produces some of the quality cosmetic products that are really effective and free of all kind of side-effects. There are a wide variety of products that are offered by Himalaya.

Khadi Naturals

The products of Khadi Naturals are known for their quality and genuineness and that is why Khadi Naturals has earned a great fame in the Indian market. With a wide range of products, khadi provides the purely natural products.

Alna Vedic

Alna Vedic is an Ayurvedic PCD Company that has gained prominence in the pharma industry with its herbal products and medicines. Their impressive line of ayurvedic products is a result of sheer dedication, innovative thinking, and passion to serve mankind in a pure and natural way.

Lotus Herbals

Another renowned brand in the Indian cosmetic market which produces genuine herbal products offering more than 250 varieties.


In recent time this brand has earned its consumer’s trust and is one of the most selling herbal brands in the Indian market which produces clinically tested herbal products that are free from any kind of side-effects.

Just Herbs

An Ayurvedic cosmetic brand in the Indian market that is highly popular because of its genuineness. The company discloses all the ingredients used to manufacture its products and hence has earned the trust of its customers.

Forest Essentials

The blend of natural products and essential oil, this brand produces the products which will keep your skin healthy and is safe to use.

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Though this bran produces many synthetic products as well but is widely known for the natural products that it produces. The natural herbs that it uses are meant to treat and provide nourishment to your skin.

Ayur Herbals

‘Close to nature close to you’, the tagline of the brand matches to their products as well. It produces quality natural products that are not only popular in the Indian market but also in the International market as well.

Jovees Herbal

Another reputed herbal brand that has been providing quality herbal cosmetics regularly. There is a wide variety of products produced by the brand that is high in quality standards.

Concluding Words – Apart from choosing the best product that suits you, there are many household formulae too. The idea is just to enhance your features, improve your looks and keep glowing with your charm.