What can 5 do from the PC version of GTA all the extensive Rockstar Editor, already proven many fans in an impressive manner. Now especially the hit series Breaking Bad Sender AMC fans get their money. Youtuber LioN Kolla the most memorable scenes from the TV series with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul has recreated using the video editor of Grand Theft Auto 5 – but beware! Who else has on its Watch List, the series, the video should be avoided due to spoilers.

The video can be found below at the end of lines involved. In favor of the authenticity of Youtuber and GTA fan also used some original sounds from Breaking Bad. Including the rock classic “Baby Blue” by Badfinger – also known by the very last episode of the series.The result can be quite impressive. Or what do you think? Leave us your opinion as a comment! Of course, we present to you in the future the hottest video creations from GTA 5 . Visited regularly to our Linked topics page for the game.