Suffering from an addiction can be a life-threatening experience. If you are addicted to a substance, you may find it difficult to control important aspects of your life. Your sense of judgment becomes flawed, leading to poor decisions that barely reflect your true personality. How do you redeem yourself from this unhealthy situation? By getting help from a good addiction rehab.

An addiction rehab facility is made up of trained professionals such as physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and other relevant personnel that can help you overcome an addiction, regardless of how long you have been battling it. It is important to know that every minute spent with addiction is hurting your system. Allowing this situation to linger is a wrong decision that could pose a threat to your life.

If you live in or around Illinois and you are looking to overcome an addiction and you need help with finding a good facility, then this article may just have some of the information you need to get the right facility.

How to Choose a Good Facility

Here are some tips to guide you:


Your situation requires that you talk to experienced people. You need to tell them how you feel and how frequently you are moved to take the substance to which you are addicted. With their level of experience, they must have handled a similar situation in the past and this will guide them in recommending the best recovery measures for you. Experience also plays a role in how they handle patients. You will find that some facilities use a one-size-fits-all approach for all their patients while some use a unique approach for patients. With this in mind, you can easily choose a facility that meets your needs.

Communication Method

During your research, you would have spoken to a couple of representatives of the facility, and you can determine the tone they used even from a distance. If they were harsh to you, consider it a red flag not to work with them. However, if they received you warmly or sounded calm and understanding over the phone, you should feel free to talk about your addiction and how much you need help. A good facility has nonjudgmental staff who do not attach sentiments to business. They do not let their personal judgments override their rules of engagement and work ethics.

Available Programs

There are short and long-term addiction rehab programs and patients are allowed to use them based on their needs and preferences. You need to know what the facility you are choosing offers and how you can use it to walk through your addiction. For instance, a 7-day program can get effective results for you based on a few factors such as budget, schedule, and convenience. Some people also prefer a 30-day program if they feel the need to stay behind a little longer to enable prolonged monitoring.


The reputation of a facility matters a lot. You do not want to enroll with a rehab facility that is popular for the wrong reasons because it will certainly affect the outcome of your treatment. You may probably be wondering how you can check out the reputation of a rehab facility, especially if it is your first time. You can simply achieve this by reading reviews and comments from old patients. If the reviews are filled with negative comments, you should simply move on to other options. Also, look out for comments that seem too good to be true. 

Benefits of Going to Addiction Rehab

Here are some advantages to look out for:

Provides a Sense of Community

Addiction treatment requires a strong support system. This is what you get with a good facility as they provide a community of professionals and fellow recovering addicts who understand the struggle. A recovering patient needs a shoulder to lean on, especially as an addiction is more of a psychological problem than a physical one. Without a good bond with people around you, it may be difficult to recover from addiction in good time. If you need tips to help create a sense of community, you can read this article.


A good facility provides you with professionals who will hold you accountable for your actions. You will attend therapy sessions daily with someone who will not judge you. Rather, they will assist you in every area you need help in while motivating you to stay strong. Additionally, being around other people who are recovering would enable you to be accountable for your actions. With multiple eyes on you, you are less likely to relapse, and this is good for recovery. 

Good Recovery Environment

The first step towards recovery from an addiction is to establish a routine and this is what a rehab facility provides. They organize constructive habits and activities, while also offering therapies and treatments to patients. You will find that addicts tend to have self-destructive patterns that can only be overcome by developing healthy habits and monitoring them to ensure adherence.

The structure of rehab allows patients to develop a strong resistance to relapse and focus on new healthy habits that help them to stay on track even after completing their treatment. 

General Wellbeing

Beyond addiction recovery, rehab focuses on the wellness of the body and mind. Drug and alcohol abuse can deplete your body’s nutritional reserves. This can cause insomnia, make you feel tired, and give you headaches. If your general health and wellbeing are not prioritized, you may develop conditions usually associated with withdrawal symptoms when in reality, they are not. If you fail to address your health concerns during drug and substance abuse, they may resurface even after rehab. This explains why rehab facilities give balanced meals to patients and encourage them to exercise regularly to keep fit. You will find that when one is healthy, they are less likely to have cravings for drugs and other substances. For some healthy balanced meals that lessen addiction cravings, check here:


If you are suffering from an addiction, you will need to seek help from rehab. A good facility does not just help you recover, but they also recommend ways to stay healthy after recovery.