There’s no question the seventh installment to the “Fast and Furious” franchise, “Furious 7,” is going to have a massive opening weekend.

That would easily give “Furious 7” the highest-grossing opening weekend in April, surpassing 2014’s $95 million opening of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

According to Fandango, the film’s ticket sales are already outpacing the “Captain America” sequel.

Story By Chris Morgan:-


Real story of how Chris Morgan wrote the script for this film – Picked By FirstPost


“We need to make this one special,” Morgan’s deep and throaty voiceover booms, as the car dangerously swerves left. Cut to the men inside the car. Wan-faced driver and Morgan are full Zen, despite the insane speed of the car.

Driver: “You did well in the preceding trilogy.”
Morgan: “We sure did. Justin Lin had the balls to change the racing format of the films to a heist game.”
Driver: [nods in approval] “I can take this to the next level.”

The Lamborghini approaches a stream that pops up magically in the middle of a desert. Around the stream are young nubile girls prancing around aimlessly.

Morgan [writing the first scene]: “It has to be a race of some sort.”
Driver: “Enough racing and heists. Make this one a revenge tale.”
Morgan: “But which of the six antagonists from the previous films would still matter? They were all as cookie cutter as they come.”
Driver: “The one with the British accent. We need to appeal to a wider audience, look beyond America. Give that guy –”
Morgan: “— a brother. We’ll call him Deckard Shaw, he’ll be the brother of the random British guy in the previous movie. [pauses] Who do we know that kicks a lot of ass and can look good while driving cars like a maniac?”

The camera slowly zooms in on the driver.

Driver: “You know who.”

Beat of silence. Morgan breaks eye contact with the driver and sends an email to Jason Statham.

The car is now careening through the snakelike highway. A metropolis is seen on the horizon.

Morgan looks contemplative.

Driver: “Are you unsure of the plot structure and character arcs of the film?”
Morgan: “Yes, I am unsure of the plot structure and character arcs of the film.”
Driver: “Mix it all up. Make the characters say everything they’re doing. Like have a guy disappear, bring him back and then make him say, ‘I am back’. Or when a guy makes a great shot, let him say, ‘I’m a great shooter’.”

The car does a screaming sideways drift as the desert sand whirls around like a tornado and Morgan attacks his keyboard.

The car now enters a Middle Eastern metropolis.

Morgan: “Let’s pick the stunts, bro.”
Driver: “You did cars, you did planes, you did choppers. This time, let’s do cars diving from a plane like a Halo Jump, and cars smashing into choppers.”
Morgan: “Like in Die Hard 4?”
Driver: “Yeah, but faster and furiously.”

The Lamborghini smashes into a shopping mall, breaking everything in sight, exits back on to the road without a single scratch and comes to a standstill. A bunch of girls in ridiculously skimpy skirts flock over and observe the magnificence of the car and its occupants.

No one notices that in the distance, the creepy white-faced puppet on a tricycle from Saw and the rope-around-neck woman from The Conjuring are staring in horror at the wan-faced driver.

Morgan: “Tom Cruise hung from the Burj Khalifa. We should do better than that.”
Driver: “We’ll freaking triplicate the Khalifa and we’ll drive the freaking cars through the fiftieth freaking floor of the freaking Khalifa.”



Rating & Review

IMDB Rating

Imdb users in first day rated it on 8.8 but within 2 days its on 8.5 so you can say its high level movie and watchers getting interest to see this movie. Here is the Screenshot of IMDB


Rotten Tomatoes Rating

RT critics says that ” Serving up a fresh round of over-the-top thrills while adding unexpected dramatic heft, Furious 7 keeps the franchise moving in more ways than one. “


MetaCritic Rating

Critic( HitFix – Drew McWeeny) Says “Plot is unimportant. Family is everything, and Furious 7 is a blast. ” Another critics(Time – Richard Corliss) ” It’s an enormous, steroidal blast, and as much ingenious fun as a blockbuster can be.”