An industry insider with contact developer Bethesda Softworks has indicated to PC games, the highly anticipated apocalyptic RPG Fallout 4 will be presented at E3 2015 at the end of the Bethesda-PK with a 20- to 30-minute gameplay trailer. With a release is not expected before 2016.

Fallout 4 at E3 2015: From an anonymous endless source PC Games has undergone exclusively that Bethesda wants to use the end of his first E3 press conference for the official announcement of Fallout 4. According to industry insiders in contact with the development studio that awaited by millions of fans apocalyptic RPG would be presented with a detailed gameplay video from 20 to 30 minutes length. In addition, the game will no longer appear in 2015.

Verification can not be this rumor at the present time, Bethesda is silent persistently.However, the statement of the person known to us to source a recent statement made ā€‹ā€‹a further Insiders fits shinobi602 codenamed. It was said that an unnamed RPG calledintegral part of the Bethesda-PK.

On confirmation of the rumors by Bethesda we will likely have to wait until the start of E3.The world’s largest video game trade show takes place from 16th to 18th of June in Los Angeles. We are, as always, live on site and keep you on the topic pages to E3 and Fallout 4to date. The Bethesda-press is already on 14 June at seven clock in the evening local time – in Germany, this means you have to torment you for the live stream on June 15th at four clock in the morning out of bed.

SOURCE : Neogaf