Your home is a special place, somewhere you feel safe and a place you can relax after a hard day’s work. To make it homely and personal we tend to fill our homes with things we like such as candles, ornaments, flowers and much more. In my home I use decorative signs to brighten up my walls and to add personality to them. I love signs and below you can see some ways in which I use them.

Front of house:

The front of a house is the first thing a person sees when approaching it. The appearance of the house will immediately give a person an impression of your home and I like to make sure that mine is warm and welcoming. By making sure that my garden is well groomed and the paintwork on my home is clean and fresh and I can be certain that my home looks good. To make it even better though I have a metal house sign attached to the wall next to my door with ‘Welcome’ written on. To me this is homely and kind and hopefully people think the same. Not only does it make myself and others feel comfortable it adds colour and character to my property.


I love signs in the bathroom. I often put them on the door so visitors know it’s a restroom and I like to have them inside too. They make great reading material for those spending some time in there and they brighten up the walls. Bathroom signs are often humorous and give those who enter the room a giggle or too before coming back out. Some are even good for instructing those who are forgetful of bathroom manners not to be.


Bedroom signs are great for personalising your room. They are often found on the outside of a bedroom door letting other know who’s room it is. They are particularly good for children’s and teenagers rooms as they allow them to have a sense of ownership and pride in their room. For the older generation signs make decorative wall pieces that add character to a room. Bedroom signs often have inspirational quotes written on them reminding people to stay positive and enjoy life.


The garden sign is probably one of the most popular forms of signage in a home. They can be used for all sorts of things including naming flowers and shrubs and for naming areas of the garden. They don’t however have to be used for naming anything, they can just be for fun and feature funny quotes or pictures.