Marriage is a beautiful relation everyone wants to be in or everyone wants to experience.  The relationship is not just about being in someone else life or just to switch the house. It’s the best feeling if you are with the right person or the perfect match. The marriage is a name of compromise that the two makes to comfort each other or to make each other to feel good about their presence. Being married and not to struggle so much for a good relationship are the real couple goals. Being in a healthy relationship is the world’s beautiful thing a person could ever have that excitement after seeing your loved one seems last forever, but the flame could die if you do not put fuel for the fire.


Being in relationship does not mean you two have to live each and every second of your life with each other but respecting the other priorities of one’s life is a real couple goal which is sometimes a hard thing to do but doing this kind of sacrifices for each other is a secret of happy married couple goals.


Giving space to door to meet other people is one thing that both should do but to nourish one relation, you should always prioritize your loved one if you have something you have to do but your loved one needs you, you should always give time to your better half. Giving time for even fifteen minutes on a cup of tea will eventually keep your relationship healthy time is the most important fuel for couple goals.


Being married does not mean that you cannot make wrong decisions or you can not regret over anything but a good relationship is that in which the other half is always there to support you to guide you or to give the best suggestion.  A relation remains healthy is the other half is your cheerleader. Giving space to other to achieve their goals in life is the cutest couple goals.


You might be thinking blue when he is thinking yellow cause being in a relationship doesn’t mean he will have your thoughts. Whether it’s about sharing some decisions or some secrets both should listen and understand the perspective of the other. Putting all your cards on table to avoid any confusion or failure of expectations that eventually lead to grief is the real and cutest couple goal. Because you don’t share what you expect with everyone but trust men sharing your expectations with the loved one makes your other half feel on the seventh sky.


Relying on each other and to know each other’s need is the thing you do when you take one another as a team partner. Marriage doesn’t mean having each other to love but it also needs sharing of the things that is simply yours without being angry or forced. Passing a sarcastic comment could be a relaxation for one minute but it could damage a relationship for life. Being kind sweet enough always there for need giving space sharing every good or bad are the cutest couple goals a married couple could have.