Wedding days are extremely special. Whether it’s our friend’s big day or our own, we always want the most customized and unique decor for our wedding. We are constantly trying to find new trends and things no couple has ever done before. This need to outdo every other couple and make every element of your wedding unique and personalized will be satisfied once you invest in a custom wedding save the dates magnets. These magnets are unique and can be placed anywhere, such as on your fridge after you two have tied the knot to remind you about your special day. You can also use these beautiful magnets on your wedding day as cute decor. Here are some of the magnets you will love and want to invest in right away.

Standing ovation foil magnet.

The standing ovation foil saves the date magnet is a mesmerizing piece containing florals that decorate the card’s borders. The card comes in either rounded or square corners depending upon your preference. The design is beautiful and enchanting as it displays your information in a delicate frame. This card includes gold or silver foil which you can use to write your names. This custom save the date magnet is great if you want a luxurious-looking wedding with elegant decor and detailed cards. The card can be custom-made to complement your event’s color scheme, as to save the date it has a wide variety of 160 unique colors that you can choose from.

Forest watercolor magnet

It’s your big day, and we can’t blame you for wanting all the attention. Hence, the main idea behind this card is to keep it strictly about you two by adding a picture of the couple. You can select your favorite picture of you two, and we will take care of the rest! As with every magnet, you can customize every element of the magnet. You can either add a touch of gold or silver foil or keep it simple and colorful. The card showcases a picture of you two as the main image with a delicate white text on top stating the event’s details. This will make your loved ones more excited about the event and be able to always have a picture of you two with them. It’s a great product for those who prefer their magnets to hold sentimental value instead of being flashy and decorated.

Modern polaroid magnet

We live in a time where polaroids are making a comeback and are loved more than ever. Polaroids are aesthetically pleasing and always have a hint of nostalgia and memory attached to them. This unique magnet contains a picture of you and your loved one making it seem like a romantic polaroid. The card is covered with a delicate layer of pink, giving it a vibrant color. The details and your names are printed under the pink layer and can be read clearly as the pink layer is transparent and merely added for beauty. It’s a great magnet design if your event theme is all florals and you want your decor and cards to be minimalistic yet dreamy.

Simplicity swirls clear magnet

Looking for something simple yet classy that’ll leave the guests in awe? Or are you someone who isn’t comfortable with everyone having your pictures? Worry not as we introduce you to the simplicity swirls clear magnet. This magnet is a delicate clear sheet mentioning all of the details in a white readable font. This looks classy and delicate and is a unique way to let your friends and family know about your big day. Contrary to common beliefs, the text on the card can be easily read. You can customize the text or the color of the text according to your preferences.


When it comes to weddings, we all want everything up to par. We have absolutely no space for blunders or decor we don’t like. To make your big day extra special, save the date has introduced a wide variety of magnets that will surely mesmerize your guests and make them excited for your big day. Save the date magnets are a great way to add detail to your event by customizing your cards according to the event’s theme.