Entrepreneurs are taking the world by storm with their revolutionary ideas and strategies. They have changed the concept of education, technology, business and market. Innovation and creativity are now synonyms to the word entrepreneur. They work so hard, enjoy their lives too but sometimes they forget to be there for themselves while they’re there for everyone else. If you have a friend who has their own start up, a blog, a company or a service business, you need to be creative for their birthday celebration. These are the out of the box kind of people who love things that are different and unique. Plan something big this year for your entrepreneur friend’s birthday. You can follow these plans for your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/anyone whom you love apparently. So here are 5 super easy yet “out of the box” ideas for a birthday celebration you could easily follow-

A complete makeover

Entrepreneurs tend to avoid themselves and get lost in their idea, in making it work and bigger. Plan for a complete makeover, let them relax for the day, arrange a soothing spa for them, massages and a haircut. Pamper them for their special day, a haircut, some body massage and a bit of shopping will completely change their look and replenish their old look. If they don’t have the time, you should make sure you take care of them well.

Customized planners

Since they’re always on the run shuffling between numerous things, help them sort things out by gifting them a customized planner. Take the help of a graphic designer or design it by yourself using online software. Make them of their favourite colour, select a font that is in sync with their personality, make clear head title spaces and bullet points. Attach a calendar with it to make it more accurate with a lot of other things like to do list, monthly planner, weekly planner, bucket list, future goals, etc.

Surprise party at their office

Collaborate with other people from your friend’s office, tell them to surprise their Boss/friend with a huge cake and some flowers. Send online flowers with our website. We are one of the most forward brands doing online flower delivery worldwide. Connect with the right people and throw a huge party for your entrepreneur buddy.

Flower shower

Shower them with love, care and affection but also with flowers. Send flowers online through simple clicks and taps from our website. We help people with online flower delivery all over the world, be it be Dominic Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, India or Australia. We have it all with us. You can send huge bouquets as well as single stems to your loved one on their special day. But for this idea you need to fill their room up to the brim with flowers, leave them with a scent that lasts longer than they could remember this.

Their storybook

There are a lot of struggles and hurdles that an entrepreneur goes through before they reach their ultimate goal and they never have just one thing in their mind, they have hundreds and thousands. Craft their story with beautiful words and add on some black and white pictures. Make it like their own little novel based on their own story of struggles and success.

All these ideas are heart touching, not only will they melt your friend’s heart but will give them more strength and happiness. Friends and family are the strongest pillars in a person’s life. Special days are spent well with special people, cherish the relationship you have with them, enjoy every single occasion with utmost happiness and love.