As we all know that organisations are hiring a large pool of candidates in their preliminary selection step, they are making an effort to save the expenses on the same as much as possible. A major reason of this is that,only a very few of those who are hired via preliminary selectionare handed over the letter of appointment. Aptitude, intelligence, personality inventories and other tests are itself quite expensive. Hence administering them to such a large pool of candidates would just mean an excessiveand unwanted outlay of money, time and energy.Hence to combat such a problem the organisational heads and the industrial psychologists together have come up with an excellent idea of resorting to online tests.

Online tests are nothing but computer based test. These not only benefit the candidates as they can take the test whenever suitable, but also save the company from e expending a huge amount of money.  Obviously there will be certain rules,specifying the time period within which the candidates have to take the test. And it all depends upon the company whether they want to monitor the tests online with a webcam. But once the tests are over and the candidate submits it online, it cannot be reverted back. That is to say there are limited chances of answering a single question. The tests mostly consist of multiple choice questions. And once the choice is made it cannot be undone.Also immediately after the completion, the candidates get to assess themselves. A computer important report is generated, distinctly indicating which answers were right and which were wrong. The printed score report is fundamentally aimed at providing the passing status of the individuals, who participated in the test, and depicting the exam results clearly.

Also the candidates who do not perform up to the mark and have a very less chance of getting selected, they are also provided with clear and unambiguous breakdown of scores, on their performance. The scores immensely help them by providing an insight of how they should prepare or perform, next time when they take similar exams.The performance score in every category of the test is carefully broken down for an easy understanding of the subject. MCQ question and answer form is incredibly easier for any candidate to score; they involve only point and click. This saves a lot of time because in case of paper pencil tests, examinees need to blacken the circles to indicate the right answer.Also if the circles are not blackened properly, it gets rejected. The former is a very common problem where the candidates are in a hurry, especially in case of speed tests. If the ink fills in less than 50 % of any circle, the computer scanner usually does not detect it. Result is the answer is considered as ‘dismissed’.

Also the paper pencil tests need to be hand scored in most of the cases which require manpower. This is also not very beneficial for the organizations since, a lot of people are to be recruited just for checking papers. Hence there will be an outflow of money. In order to keep this in check companies have intelligently resorted to computer tests. Here there is a considerable reduction of manpower because only few people are required to run the machines. Rest of the checking job is done by the machines itself. Once the scored paper is inserted into the computer, it gets auto scanned and auto checked. But in case of paper pencil tests, the problem of ink spilling continues to pose a problem. Hence the best and the easiest option would be the computer tests. There is absolutely no need of inserting the papers into the machines, as well as no threat of ink spilling.The data is directly sent to the company once the candidate submits the paper.

The technological advancements in the domain of assessments is maintained and strengthened as the computer based assessment tests are implemented worldwide. In case if there is a webcam involved, the exam is monitored online and hence there is no way of cheating. There is software involved when an individual opens the exam window and the test begins; the eventual prevented the candidate from opening any other window or file. Needless to say the candidates undertaking the test will be under strict surveillance which maintains the authenticity of the scores. With the advancement of technology computer tests now involve a variety of questions. Not only multiple choice types, but also short and lengthy questions are also provided. Fill in the blanks and diagram type questions are also given. The results of the students are compared with present as well as past benchmarks, and this ensures a complete rank.This also provides the candidate an insight of where he stands.

The test submission option in case of a computer assessment test is versatile. In contrary to the paper pencil test where, only the item number, the response of the candidates and the answer key is provided, computer test give more constructed responses. Tests given on computers give a more compact and information rich result. The start and the end time of tests are clearly indicated, so also the intermission periods.

These tests also give a very clear assessment of how much time the candidate has spent on each item, or group. Needless to say,this gives the very detailed candidate demographics.