Junk removal companies offer a range of services from electronic waste removal to property cleanup. So, depending on the location and size of the company, they may or may not offer some services.

For instance, jiffyjunk.com is a huge company and they offer almost every junk removal service. Also, when it comes to a small company, they might not offer services that require huge machinery and manpower. However, in any case, every company offers some common services.

Wondering about these common services? Gladly, you have come to the right place. Here are common services that all removal companies will cover.

Debris Removal

Regardless of the location and size of a junk removal company, they must offer debris removal. After a storm or landscaping project, you may see a lot of junk or clutter in the yard.

Furthermore, most of the companies who remove junk offer to remove the waste in an efficient and eco-friendly manner.

Electronic Waste

In the modern world, we are surrounded by electronics. If you look around yourself, you will find tens of electronic devices. Unfortunately, these devices are built with a determined expiration date on them. With new technology comes, outgoes the old electronics. So, it can be a daunting task to manage old, bulky electronics. Junk removal companies donate working electronics while recycling the remaining items.

Most of the states don’t allow you to throw electronics in the trash. If you don’t have time to recycle, a junk removal company is the best way to go.

Estate Clearance

Inherited properties do require a detailed cleaning before you move in. There are many reasons for liquidating estates from lifestyle changes to the death of the owner. 

Maybe you have accumulated debt and isnnt comfortable creating extra expenses. As such, a junk removal company can help with estate clearance.

In any case, when a property is left abruptly, you end up with a lot of unnecessary items. Hiring a professional company allows you to dispose of each time perfectly.

Home Renovation Debris

Do it yourself renovation is widely popular on the planet. People opt to renovate the house without thinking about the cleanup.

Thankfully, junk removal companies have got you covered. Furthermore, after the project competition, you can invite a company and they will ensure recycling of every material.

Garbage Removal

Struggling with a huge pile of garbage? Not interested in driving back and forth to a trash dump? Don’t worry, you can outsource it.

Junk removal companies offer residential garbage removal services. Remember that everything is not recyclable. Some of the garbage is biodegradable while others are toxic for the planet.

Hence, you should pick the company wisely. A reliable garbage removal service will handle the trash in an environmentally acceptable way.

Furniture Removal

Every house has some sort of furniture. For a removal company, it is a common service to remove your furniture.

Removing furniture yourself can damage your back or walls. It is a proven fact that removing old furniture is a difficult task. So leave it to a professional company to perform the heavy lifting for you.

A furniture removal company donates the usable items while disposing of the remaining in a safe manner.

Junk Hauling Services

Okay! You have somehow managed to remove junk from your house. Now, you need to transport it to the right place.

You are not putting the junk in your vehicle, right? Well, the company will do that. They have suitable vehicles to haul junk and dump it conveniently.

Most importantly, they understand where each item will go. They will donate, recycle and dump everything perfectly.

Property Cleaning Service

When it comes to junk-filled properties, you can’t handle them yourself. Without any outside help, you wouldn’t be able to clear the property anytime soon.

If you are a property agent, you need to ensure that the property is cleaned before the new owners move in. Want to do it yourself? 

It will cost you a lot of time, effort, and money. Instead of waiting for weeks to clear the property, get a cleaning service.

Metal Scrap

Metals should never be sent to the landfill. In any case, you should always ensure that metallic items reach a recycling facility. The best way to ensure this thing is by hiring a junk removal business.

Most of the metals are reusable and waste management companies understand it. They ensure that every item is donated or recycled perfectly.

Useless Items

What about the useless items? From children’s toys to forgotten collectibles, you must have a range of items to say goodbye to.

Usually, we are attached to such items and don’t consider throwing them out. When you make a decision to remove it, call a company immediately. 

It will ensure that you don’t change your decision again.

Air Conditioner Removal

Have you ever tried to lift an air conditioner? Well, they are dirty and extremely heavy.

Even if you can remove it, you need a vehicle to transport it. Let’s suppose, you are willing to fit it in your car, you have to find a suitable place to dump it.

Why should you take this entire headache when you can leave it to professionals? Furthermore, such a task is routine stuff for a junk removal company since they have suitable vehicles and understand how to recycle them effectively.

Dishwasher Removal

When it comes to replacing a dishwasher, you need to hire someone experienced in removing and recycling large items.

It is a common junk removal service and you will find that almost every company is offering it. They will remove the dishwasher and donate it. If the dishwasher is out of service, they will dispose of it as per local laws.


Hiring a junk removal company is favorable for you. At the same time, it is an excellent choice for our planet. Finally, To offer better living standards to upcoming generations, we must recycle items.

Whenever recycling is not possible, it must be dumped carefully. Junk removal companies are experienced in removing old items. It saves your time and unnecessary effort as well. Hire a company and remove useless items peacefully.