According to the classic festive hit written and sung by crooner Andy Williams, Christmas is the ‘most wonderful time of the year’. While it is hard to argue with the sentiment of this song, it is also fair to surmise that the festive period means something entirely different to adults as it does to children.

What is the True cost of Christmas?

The Xmas unwrapped feature was extremely insightful, and it seemed to reveal two core facts about the way in which Christmas is perceived by consumers. Firstly, it confirmed that the festive period is far more challenging that the majority of us would imagine at face value. Secondary to this, it is also fair to suggest that the cost of Christmas extends far beyond a bottom line number, with a number of psychological factors contributing to high levels of stress.

Much of this can be related to the surprising revelation that consumers tend to lose sleep in the build-up to Christmas, with 45% of those aged between 18 and 24 citing this as the most common consequence of the festive period. A further 30% of those aged between 45 and 54 also confirmed that the stress of Christmas and a continued lack of sleep makes them feel sick with anxiety. While we often accept that children lose sleep ahead of Christmas due to excitement, adults suffer negative energy that affects them adversely.

Stress and stress management: The Key to coping with Christmas

Above all else, the survey by seemed to reveal that the financial pressure associated with Christmas triggers a myriad of psychological conditions. This translates into high levels of stress, which can be extremely debilitating and lead to longer-term psychological problems (particularly with regards to the management and deployment of finances).

With this in mind, the management of stress may be key to coping with the pressures of the festive period. Experts cite that watching television and finding the time to read a book are pivotal weapons in the battle against anxiety, so it is crucial that you look to manage your time effectively and enjoy recreational pastimes wherever possible. This could be the key to enjoying a happy festive period, and embracing the season for everything that it is supposed to embody.