More than 31 million people post about road trips on Instagram, according to research by MMGY Global, proving that our love for the open road and the freedom it gives us shows no sign of disappearing from our travel bucket list. It’s an ideal way to travel the world at your own pace and see destinations that  may not be possible on a normal holiday. Whether you’re looking for reasons to spend a vacation in Dublin or want to experience the great American road trip, there’s plenty of organization to be done beforehand, so here are some essentials to prepare for your first road trip adventure.

Choosing the perfect vehicle

Deciding on the right kind of vehicle to take on a road trip will be the biggest decision you’ll have to make for your vacation. Will you take your own set of wheels, rent a reliable vehicle or RV? How much you have to spend and where you intend on driving will also determine which motor you choose. Once you select the right vehicle to suit all your needs, you should organize insurance and breakdown cover, and make sure you have emergency car kit essentials.

Deciding on a route

Being on a road trip means you have the ultimate control to pick out exactly where you want to go, what sights you’ll want to see, and how long you intend to drive each day. Although you should be flexible about your route to allow for extended stays and detours, be realistic about how many hours you can drive in a day without feeling rushed to get to the next destination. To help you, use road trip planner apps so you’ve got things covered to fit into your schedule.

Packing your bags

One of the greatest advantages of going on a road trip is that you can bring everything you need with you in the motor rather than struggling with heavy suitcases in an airport. However, this doesn’t mean you have to over-pack, but think carefully about the essentials you’ll need for your trip. Use soft bags to pack things into so that they can be shaped to fit in nicely in the trunk. It’s also a good idea to pack a smaller bag for shorter sleep overs, and have your cooler close to hand so that food is easily accessible while you’re driving.

Embarking on an adventurous road trip is likely to be one of the best travel experiences you’ll have, and as long as you put in careful preparation beforehand, it should also be a successful journey to remember forever.