First, decide the use of your dating website? For what purpose is the site created? What features will be on the dating site? How do you plan to receive revenue from the site? Will it be income from advertising on the site, but for users all for free, or will there be paid registration of users?

What features should be on the dating site?

To determine what will be on your site, I advise you to first register yourself on several dating sites and see how it works from the inside.

The basic necessary functions on a dating site

  • Registration of users.
  • Filling out a detailed questionnaire.
  • Ability for user to edit or delete his profile
  • Ability for the user to add or delete their photos
  • Partner search by specified parameters
  • Internal correspondence system between registered site members
  • User-friendly admin panel
  • Ability for admin to edit and delete member profiles
  • Ability for the administrator to send messages to specific users, as well as to make newsletters.
  • Protection against spam.

While you are at it, visit the following website for all of your dating needs:

Additional functions on the dating site

  1. Several foreign language versions
  2. Rating of profiles and photos
  3. Gallery of photos of participants
  4. Lists of friends and friends
  5. Ability for participants to block another user of the site. those. do not receive messages from him.
  6. The ability to complain about another participant.
  7. The ability to send a fixed message, for example, “I like you” or “Thank you for your interest, but I cannot reciprocate.”
  8. Possibility to send another participant a virtual postcard or a virtual gift.
  9. Lists of guests who saw my profile.
  10. Ability to add video and audio files to your profile.
  11. Several search options (quick and advanced)
  12. Live chat with several participants
  13. Private chat for two participants
  14. Ability for the user to block his call to private chat
  15. Partner selection system for various tests.
  16. The ability for the user himself to give access to viewing his profile and photos to a select number of participants, for example, only matching his search criteria.
  17. Paid access levels to the site for participants
  18. Payment modules for credit cards, PayPal, 2 Checkout, MoneyBookers, NOCHEX, E-GOLD, WorldPay, NetPay, ProTX, WebMoney and others.
  19. Automatic message translator
  20. Forum for registered members of the site
  21. User Blogs
  22. News Feed
  23. Articles
  24. Exchange of links
  25. Affiliate program – you pay other webmasters to bring new users to you.
  26. Admin adding banners with other partners and the contextual advertising code
  27. Possibility for the administrator to add moderators with limited access rights to the admin panel.

Depending on the task, you can choose a ready engine or write from scratch. The Internet already has ready-made engine development for dating sites. Before you finally select the engine, you need to thoroughly test it, make sure it really suits you, is convenient for users and for administration, whether all the necessary functions are present, whether you can manage it yourself. got it right, check it out! And also, you need to check the possibility for SEO optimization, how the engine works in different types of browsers and different screen extensions, hosting requirements.

The pros of ready-made developments are that you already have a ready dating site, and you do not have to invent a bicycle.

The cons of ready-made dating sites:

  • Too many extra features and extra bells and whistles that you do not need, and maybe there is not one that you would like.
  • If you have a marriage agency and you need a site with certain functions, then the finished script will not work.
  • Since ready engines are known to everyone, free engines are distributed with open source, then everyone knows their holes, and there is always someone who wants to break something and shit.