The stackable doors of a number of panels that move completely to one side stacked properly together are aluminium sliding doors. The initial form can be seen in Japanese traditional architecture. Now aluminium sliding doors Sydney have become a feature of a number of public spaces like hospitals, malls etc. At Betaview Australia, they are made with the sophisticated track and frame system with a high-quality sliding mechanism. They provide an energetic look to any property and help in maximizing the light in the room and getting the full potential of the view. They are an alternative to bi-folding doors. 

Advantages Of Automatic Aluminium Sliding Frame Doors. 

Disabled Friendly – These automatic Aluminium sliding doors open and close on their own. 

Safety Features – they have up-to-date safety features and wireless remote control. Timers allow security personnel to lock the doors without being present near them. 

Gives Football Account – this information is obtained the number of times the door opens. It is useful for footfall information in shops and malls. 

Style And Variety – these doors are available in aluminium, which is painted to highlight the logo of the company etc. in an office. The most popular are the latest frameless glass doors in the offices, which allow an uninterrupted view of the outside. They allow for coolness or heat retention as they open only when somebody comes close to the door. 

The Parts Of An Automatic Aluminium Sliding Door 

●      Operator

●      Header

●      Track

●      Carrier wheels

●      Sliding door panels

●      Sidelite panels

●      Jambs

●      Lock and activation 

The panels of the door are made from extruded aluminium profiles and safety glass for visibility.

Applications Of Automatic Sliding Aluminium Doors 

●      Higher the traffic through the doors heavy will be the moving panel.

●       Good for hospitals, banks, offices, malls, art galleries, restaurants etc.

●      Fire and smoke door applications

●      Energy conservation

●      Security control, card access control, directional control applications. 

Testing Procedures 

The doors are made to close and open automatically for 48 hours at a stretch. 

How Are They Assembled? 

●      When they are shipped, they are accompanied by the instructions for installation.

●      The instructions must be read completely

●      The installation requires two or more people

●      Be careful when handling the glass

●      Carefully operate Power Tools according to the instructions from the manufacturer. 

What Does Weatherstripping Mean? 

Weatherstripping means sealing the sliding panels from the weather elements by an insulation strip. When the strip gets worn out it has to be replaced. 

What Are The Things To Watch Out For In Automatic Sliding Doors? 

●      Installation is not so easy, the tracks have to be aligned perfectly and more than one person is needed to install the door.

●      The track attracts the dirt as it is a series of grooves in which dirt gets collected very fast

●      The doors get jammed because of the dirt and rust of the metal parts. In such cases, they have to be changed. Regular oiling also helps.

●      If there is a power cut, they have to be forced open as the doors get jammed.


There are a lot of leading manufacturers of automatic sliding aluminium doors which use the latest technology providing silent, smooth, weather-resistant sliding doors for a number of satisfied customers.