Aditya Roy Chowdhury (Ankush) plays a dashing, young millionaire—the irresistible Casanova with a heart of gold. He successfully runs the business of resorts. His high-flying life is anchored by his best friend and business associate, Prachi (Sayantika).

Life is all about fun and work and girls, till his car bumps into Esha’s (Nusrat) cycle. Aditya is instantly enamored by the pretty and innocent girl who seems to have no interest in the flirty, rich bachelor. He ends up giving her a job in his resort even though she can’t work in the second shift.

As times goes by, Aditya starts sharing his deepest thoughts with Esha. She sees the simple, lovable man behind the successful persona who loves the food made by his aunt. Unwittingly, she loses her heart to this flirty man who confesses to be commitment phobic.

These three characters become the best of buddies. Prachi sees the growing chemistry between these two and she keeps her love for Aditya hidden inside her. Turbulence occurs when Prachi’s past crops in and misleads their lives in different directions.

A question arises on their relationship status with each other which forms the crux of the film.

Initial release: May 19, 2017
Director: Rabi Kinagi
Production company: Shree Venkatesh Films
Music composed by: Indraadip Dasgupta


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