Proper care and maintenance are necessary not only for luxury rides but also important for economy vehicles. No matter you possess an economy compact car, you cannot ignore taking care of its appearance after assuming it a vanity. Making additional efforts beyond regular washing with soapy water and vacuuming interiors have become mandatory not only to retain the shine but also to protect the commuters from possible infections and allergies they might be catching while using it.

When you are focusing on every minute thing while cleaning and maintaining your ride, the process becomes car detailing. You can always hire professionals who possess expert level skills and offer a full range of detailing services to customers. You might have decided to do it on your own then you need to understand few secrets of vehicle detailing to do it like a pro.

Go for two buckets wash method

Do you ever try to know how professionals manage to provide streak free shine? The only secret behind this is the use of two buckets. One bucket is used to keep the mixture of cleaning solution whereas the other vessel is filled with clean water. Cleaning mitt is dipped first in clean water before soaking in the mixture. Rinsing the mitt in clean water before dunking in cleaning solution will keep the mixture clean until the end. Otherwise, dust goes back and streak the surface.

Clean microfiber seat covers and dusters like an expert

When it comes to washing the microfiber seat covers most of us think they should be cleaned by professionals. However, they can be washed conveniently washed and dried separately in the regular washer at home. Use a small quantity of detergent, rinse it twice and skip fabric softener, as it coats the surface. Same goes for washing microfiber dusters.

Use trim protectant before waxing

Once the vehicle is washed and dried, experts suggested applying trim protectant before wax. This prevents staining after polish and wax. Professionals also use masking tape to protect the polish; application of protector is easier and time-saving.

Apply products with buffer and use towel to remove

Have you ever observed experts at auto care centre? How they are applying polish, wax or any other product on the surface? If you have not watched them yet, visit them to get the real idea or watch any video before doing it yourself.  Most of the individuals mistakenly use wrong tools to remove and apply products. Buffers are made for product application. If you rub and scrub the surface, it will leave erratic swirl marks on the surface. Obviously, you don’t want to destroy the clear coat with wrong tools. Always use a clean, completely dry and soft towels to remove the product.

Wipe contaminants with a clay bar system

Clay bar system has been widely used by professionals to remove the bonded environmental pollutants that are bind with the paint after washing the surface of an automobile. A good system consists of spray lubricant, towel and an 80-100 gm clay bar. The system efficiently removes the bonded contaminants after rubbing it with clay bar without damaging the paint. This prepares the surface not only for subsequent treatments but also extend the life of the treatment.

Use a good brush to clean interiors

Instead of applying chemicals cleaners directly to clean interiors and pick up a stiff nylon brush with dense bristles to dust the surfaces. Whether it’s about cleaning mats, doors panels side brush them first before vacuuming and further cleaning with fabric cleaners and solutions. You can use a soft brush for delicate areas.

Summary: Whether you are availing the car detailing deals in Dubai from professional vendors or you are planning to DIY; understanding these secrets will help you to do it like a pro.