Engineering is a thriving industry. But no matter what career you have, it’s normal to feel like you’ve hit a lull. Whether it’s working on projects you aren’t passionate about, or you just want a boost in your day-to-day responsibilities. Here are 9 effective tips to give your career in engineering a boost.

1. Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress will help you boost your career. It includes recording what projects you’ve been working on. The goals you would like to achieve and how you are setting yourself up to achieve those goals.

When you feel you have progress to share with your higher-ups, you’ll have a record to refer to. Our co-workers and managers have many responsibilities. So you’ll have to advocate for yourself, and tracking your progress can help you do that.

2. Share What You’ve Been Up To

Just like tracking your progress, you should share what you’ve been working on with your colleagues. Sharing can help you collaborate better with your teams. Your career will only benefit if the people around you know what you are capable of.

3. Ask Questions

When you’re in meetings and someone throws out a term or project you haven’t heard about yet, ask questions. You’ll never be able to grow if you can’t identify what you don’t know. Once you start picking out specialties that you need to learn, you can begin to build your skillset.

You can volunteer to work on parts of projects you are unfamiliar with. Your company may even have peer programs where more senior members can teach you new skills.

4.  Volunteer

If there is a part of a project that no one on your team wants to do, take it. To boost your engineering career it’s crucial to take ownership and help out the team. Working with a team is a part of the job, so if you volunteer when no one else will, you’ll stand out as a reliable part of the team.

5. Take Ownership

When you decide to volunteer or take on part of a project, you have to own it. Do your work to the best of your ability and own up to what you have done. This will show team members that you are confident in your work. When you take ownership, you can exhibit leadership qualities that can also help you get ahead as an engineer.

6. Find a Mentor

Sometimes when we are losing steam or want to make a change in our career, it helps to talk to someone with experience. Not only can a mentor help inspire you, but they’ve been where you are. A mentor can work with you on your career path. Mentors won’t know everything but they’re a great resource for personal and professional growth.

7. Become a Mentor Yourself

Even if you haven’t been an engineer for decades, you can still volunteer to be a mentor. Maybe there is an internship program at your firm. You can step up and mentor a student. When you become a mentor yourself, you can answer questions about your job and think about what you are doing as an engineer.

8. Build Your Network

Since engineering is about working with teams, you can expand your network for a boost. You can network with people in your office, or take to social media.

If you are interested in a different part of engineering, you can reach out on social media and speak with people in that field. Building your network will not only create new relationships, but it could help you if you decide to switch up your engineering career down the road.

9. Make a Change

One of the most drastic ways you can boost your engineering career is to take it into your own hands. If you have the drive, you can become a freelance engineer.

While this may feel risky, for some people it’s the right move to take their engineering careers to the next level. Starting as a freelancer can be difficult, so be sure to check out helpful guides to get you to where you want to be.


Engineers are always thinking of ways to make things better. Whether it’s building a project or pushing your career to the next level. You should always be looking for ways to give your engineering career a boost.