It is always interesting to know about the facts and stats of the common things so as to realize the magnitude of the organization. Indian Railways is one such organization which may appear to be common but it is a huge organization. You might be surprised to know about the sheer magnitude of services of the services and hence he listed 7 Things that you must know about Indian Railways.

Before we share the facts with you, we would like to inform you about the IRCTC Next Generation Website. IRCTC recently launched a revamped website which is now known as IRCTC Next Gen Website and you can simply go ahead and login to the website using your old IRCTC Login details. The link for the website is

  • On a regular day, more than 13 to 14 Million Passengers commute by Indian Railways. The number is huge and this includes the number of passengers that commute by passenger trains as well. This is probably the most affordable and most popular public mode of transport.
  • People often talk about having a sound sleep at night on the train. The reason for that is the Indian Railways have designed the coaches in such a way that the resonating frequency of the suspension is 1.2 Hz. This frequency is known to be the most comfortable for the human beings for a comfortable sleep.
  • This one is the most interesting fact about Indian Railways. Sometimes, we all have dreamt of getting a pic clicked on the border of two states. This is possible if you visit Navapur station. The half of the station is located in Maharashtra and the other half is located in Gujarat.
  • Nagpur is popular for the oranges but do you know what else is it popular for? Well, Nagpur is known for the train that covers the shortest distance between two stations. The train cover just 2.8 Kms between Nagpur and Ajni.
  • In recent time, you would have come across many non-stop trains like Duronto Express. These trains are ideally non-stop but they do stop in between for getting the food supplied. In such a case, do you know which is the longest distance covered by a train without a stoppage? This is between Vadodara and Kota and the name of the train is Trivandrum – Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express. The train covers a distance of 528 Kms in just 5.6 hours.
  • People also talk about the longest station name and the shortest one. We will start with the easiest one first and the shortest name of the station is IB which is located in Odisha. Now talking about the longest one, well the name is Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta and we bet that you can’t pronounce this name easily.
  • If you really wish to explore India then you can take up a journey in Vivek Express which covers a total distance of about 4286 Km and it has 56 stoppages. The total journey time between Dibrugarh and Kanyakumari is around 82.3 Hours’

This was all about the interesting facts about Indian Railways & IRCTC Next Gen. There are many other facts which are interesting to know but we had to restrict to 7 facts because of the space constraints.