From tyre tread depth to maintaining the pressure, there’re many common questions that ensures on safety of the tyres and the vehicle. Discover some of most common FAQs concerning a car’s tyres.

Some of the biggest tyre manufacturers around the world contribute to vehicle safety advice thus playing a crucial role in ensuring safety of the motorists. Since tyres are at the forefront of auto safety, ensure of their safety by keeping a regular check.

  1. Should you check the tyres frequently?

Regular tyre check and maintenance is crucial for overall vehicle’s safety and smooth driving. When you’re at a professional service for tyres in Abu Dhabi, experts are likely to recommend regular checks rather than occasional. And being the only source of contact between you and the road, this contact patch is just the size of a smartphone which makes safety evaluation more important than ever.

  1. What to look for during the tyre check?

Tyre tread wear is one of the most important things to look for during inspection. Carefully check the tread depths for possible damage that may be visible. With this, also check the tyre pressure which is important and contributes to tread wear and wheel damage eventually. Incorrect tyre inflation would result in quick wearing which renders the vehicle unsafe as well as reduces longevity of the tyres.

  1. But then, what’s the acceptable tread depth?

Tyre treads are to maintain road grip which is why they need extra care and servicing. Compromised or poor grip would eventually increase the braking distance of the vehicle which heightens the chance or road accident as well as uncontrollable vehicle. On wetter terrains, these treads help dispel water from under the tyres and road thus complements to a smooth and safe journey.

Tyre tread depth range varies from a country to another, difference in manufacture, tyre type and quality as well as likewise factors. A legal minimum tread depth however is 1.6mm and continue driving without changing the tyres compromises safety and can end you with hefty fine plus three points on the driver’s license.

  1. What’s a tread wear indicator?

Tyres in Sharjah come with a tread wear indicator against 1.6mm. However, all premium grade and branded tyres have the TWIs set at approximately 3mm. It enables the driver to track quality of the tyres and any particular shift in the stopping distance which is high-time to have the current ones replaced.

  1. Why tyre pressure’s important?

Tyre pressure is also an important factor to ensure safety of both the vehicle and tyre. Recommended tyre pressure varies per the vehicle you drive as well as the road’s condition plus many other factors, including temperature shifts. All these essential details are found either inside the driver’s door or the fuel cap.

  1. How long will the tyres last?

Longevity of the tyres depends on various factors and some are beyond driver’s grasp. Still, those that are controllable shouldn’t be ignored and these include the total duration or time you spent driving, quality of the tyres, driving style and so on. For instance, if you’ll exert more stress on the tyre, it’ll accelerate the tread wear.