Date nights are almost always included in every couple’s to-do list. Doing something with your partner at least once a week is important since it allows you to catch up with each other. It will enable you to strengthen your bond and even rekindle your romance as well.

Scheduling a date night is also the perfect way to take a break from the daily grind. It will be even more fun and relaxing since you will be spending it with your loved one.

However, date nights often get placed on the sidelines when couples have kids. Once you have one or two little ones to take care of on top of a job and loads of chores to do, planning an evening out or doing something with your partner or spouse is usually the last thing on your mind.

Spending time with your loved one, however, doesn’t have to end when you have kids. On the contrary, you should make date nights part of your weekly schedule. But now, you have to go out with your little ones in tow.

How to Have a Fun Family Movie Date Night

Going to the movies is one of the best ways to have a date night with the whole family. With a great film to watch and a luxury cinema experience, everyone will get to relax and have a fun time.

Everyone’s tummies will be filled and thirst quenched by the wide variety of snacks and beverages you will find at the snack bar.

Planning is crucial, though, if you want your loved ones to have a great time at the cinema. To ensure everything goes well during your family movie date nights, follow these tips:

1.    Choose the best night for the movie date

Since you will be going to the movies at night with your kids, Friday and Saturday evenings are the most suitable options.

By picking these nights, you won’t have to worry about keeping your children up late. You can allow them to sleep in the following morning as well.

You and your partner can take it slow after a night at the cinemas with the kids, too.

If you have teenaged kids, ask them if they would prefer going out on a Friday or Saturday. Keep in mind that they may also have plans during the weekends. Make sure they can join the family date by scheduling it on the night that they are available.

2.    Take turns choosing the movie to watch

Although it doesn’t happen often, there may be instances wherein two or more must-watch films will come out at the same time. To be prepared for such a situation, give everyone a chance to choose which movie to see.

Go online and see which films are being shown on the week you will go to the cinema. Have your eldest child select which film to watch on the first family movie date night. Have your second kid choose the one to see next time, and so on.

Make sure your children (particularly your teenaged kids) pick movies that the younger ones can watch. Additionally, enforce a “no complaining” rule so that everyone will have a fun time at the cinema.

3.    Make sure you arrive early at the theater

Build excitement for family date night by buying advanced tickets for the movie you will watch and informing them of the day and screening time. Remind your kids that they have to be ready to leave the house at least an hour before the start of the film.

By doing so, you will be sure that you can choose good seats if you haven’t reserved them when you bought the tickets online. Additionally, by arriving early, everyone can select their snacks and go to the toilet and still have time to catch the start of the movie.

Ensure younger kids will be ready to leave early by helping them prepare the clothes they will wear for the family movie date.

4.    Load up on snacks

Having the right selection of snacks will enhance your family’s cinema experience. It is a great way to give your loved ones a treat as well. As such, make sure you also spend enough time at the concession stand before going inside the theater.

Aside from getting the usual movie staples such as popcorn and soda, ask your kids to check out the other snacks and order items they want to munch on. If the movie is long, get a few treats that will ensure your little ones won’t get hungry such as hotdogs and burgers, if they are available at the snack bar.  

If possible, bring drinking water so that your kids can wash down the sugary beverages and salty treats they will consume.

5.    Be ready to step out of the theater while the movie is on

If you have young kids, you can’t expect them to stay seated throughout the entire film. They will need to go to the toilet and it’s possible that they will get bored at some point. Because of this, be prepared to step out of the theater anytime.

To have an easier time leaving and coming back to your seats, sit near the aisle. Don’t forget to bring your purse with you as well since you may need to go to the concession stand to get extra snacks for the kids.

Take turns with your partner when bringing the kids to the toilet or pacifying them so that you won’t miss a lot of the movie.

6.    Plan a post-movie activity

Lastly, make the most of the time you spend with the whole family by adding another activity to your family date night.

Head to a restaurant for a late dinner or have dessert at a bakery or ice cream shop.

If it’s still early, bring your kids to a nearby park or an educational and recreational center. Let them play for a while to release some pent-up energy and get them ready for bedtime.

Make sure you have some discussions about what you saw as well. Ask the kids who their favorite characters are and which scenes they loved. Have everyone engage in lively debates to make the event more fulfilling and memorable.

Whether you have a family date night at the movies weekly or monthly, follow these tips to have some quality bonding time with your loved ones and to ensure that everyone has fun.


Paul Fox is the Director of Roxy Cinemas under Meraas Group/DXB Entertainments. Roxy Cinemas currently has five Dubai locations: The Beach, La Mer, City Walk, Box Park, and Bollywood Parks.