Dublin is an amazing town which has managed to carry through the centuries its unique age-old image and harmoniously fit it into the present. You will not see skyscrapers here; the town is full of historical landmarks, flowering gardens, and any house can date back to the Viking Age.

Among those who love traveling, Dublin enjoys a special love and popularity. Once you come to visit the town, you will appreciate the hospitality of its residents and true comfort. The life in Dublin is flowing in a sedate way, so it is worth a visit for those who want a leisurely vacation without crazy adventures and chases.

Now we are introducing you 6 reasons to visit Dublin – the city with a long history and charisma!

To visit James Joyce Tower

The Tower is located 21 km south of Dublin. This place will tell you a lot of interesting facts from the biography of James Joyce.

The building itself is a kind of a fortified castle, the actual name of which is Martello Tower. It was constructed to defend against Napoleon’s troops. Later, when the menace was over, the tower was leased and the first person who settled in it was the poet Oliver Gogarty.

Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AJames_Joyce_Tower_and_Museum.jpg
Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AJames_Joyce_Tower_and_Museum.jpg

According to some sources, Joyce was a friend of Gogarty and they had an argument at the tower. Later James Joyce described the tower in his famous novel “Ulysses”. One of the rooms described in the novel was later completely recreated in James Joyce Museum. The visitors of the museum can see the photographs, letters, personal things of the writer, as well as a very rare editions of his works.

To escape from the city bustle in St. Stephens Green Park

The park is located in city center, and is a favorite place of the locals and tourists.

Old houses of the Georgian era are surrounding it and make it very popular especially during the summer.  You can take a walk in the park, feed the ducks or just lie in the sun. Many locals, who work nearby, come there for lunch. The park is also a romantic place for a date.

In the neighborhood you will find many cafes and restaurants. If you have kids with you, they can have fun at the great playground in there. In the evening you can enjoy live music or theater performances.

To drink the best beer in the world

For over 300 years Guinness beer is the hallmark of Ireland. So, when you are in Dublin make sure you visit the museum of the famous Irish beer, where you can learn the history of Guinness family, discover the secrets of the complex process of brewing, learn how to properly pour out the beer, and, of course, how to drink it.

The guide of the museum tells about the history of how the brewery was established. The experts will tell about the secrets of preparing the famous beer and its ingredients.

Tourists can try the famous dark beer in Gravity bar located right in the museum, admiring in the meanwhile the panorama of Dublin.

To visit the National Leprechaun Museum

In each country there is a fabulous character which is frightening children, but at the same time which people are very fond of. In Ireland, this kind of character is a leprechaun.

A leprechaun is a gnome in green clothing, with one boot and a pot of gold. He is sewing footwear for fairies and keeps the ancient treasures of the Vikings.

These little people are a part of the ancient tradition and for centuries have become the heroes of myths and legends. Today the leprechauns with their gold symbolize wealth and prosperity.

The museum was opened to keep the original folklore of Ireland and as a tribute to national traditions and legends. Many exhibits of the museum tell about the life of leprechauns, their meetings with people and other interesting stories of their lives.

To dip your feet in the Celtic Sea

Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AKILLINEY-16_(1424778418).jpg

Killiney Beach is really a gorgeous place. You can reach it either by train from Dublin or to rent a car, which you can get quickly at the low price at Dublin Airport.

When you stay at the beach and just look into the distance, to the oncoming waves, ice foam and the mountains in the fog, all the problems dissolve and retreat – they are literally blown away with the wind. If you will need more impressions, you can cross the railway and take a walk to Killiney Hill Park.

To look at all the doors

When you are in Dublin, probably the first thing that catches your eye is street doors of private houses. It is funny, but it seems that the country knows nothing about serial production of entrance doors.

Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3ADoors_of_Dublin1_(8159674037).jpg
Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3ADoors_of_Dublin1_(8159674037).jpg

You can observe how, for example, a red door adjoins a blue one with carved massive knocker, and how a green door with shiny brass handle adjoins a yellow one with ornate moldings and a sky-blue one with a stained glass. These front doors are a real decoration of the single-type Georgian style buildings.

There are many versions, explaining such a riot of color on Irish streets. According to some of them, the locals just want to make their everyday lives a little bit brighter, the other say that differently colored doors help drunken men to find easily their houses.

As you see, Dublin is a very cozy town with tranquil and somewhat mysterious atmosphere. So, if you are ready to get into another era, try the best beer ever, see many spectacular landscapes and reveal the secrets of Dublin, then it is ready to welcome you!