Orangeries are extremely popular home extensions that have similar properties to a conservatory. Like a conservatory they require little or no planning permission, are reasonably priced and make excellent extensions for providing more space. They are however much more practical as they are better insulated, can be used all year round and are structurally stronger. Orangeries have many purposes depending on your needs and expectations. Below I have outlined six of my favourite.

Kitchen Extension:


A big kitchen is something many of us desire to have. Some place we can cook larger family meals and use more than one bench to do it on. The space makes cooking more enjoyable and for those with small kitchens it can be seen as nothing but a chore. The orangery has therefore proven to be very beneficial when it comes to kitchen extensions. A light and airy space that provides you with all the space you need for cooking and a little extra for a breakfast bar or kitchen island.


Play Room

Having children is great but it often means you have lots of toys scattered across various rooms in your home. Using an orangery is a great way to keep this under control whilst providing a safe and stimulating room for your children to play. Orangeries tend to look out over your back garden too which allows your children to have a gateway into the outdoors where they can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

Natural Light:

natural light

Orangeries are built with the bottom half constructed from bricks and the top half with glass. A tiled roof tends to be in place but large skylights are also present. The large scale of glass found in an orangery amounts to an awful lot of natural light streaming into it. This is particularly good during the summer months as you will rarely need to use your lights, saving you money. During the winter the orangery makes a brilliant place to stargaze at night.

Natural Warmth:

Natural Warmth

As well as an orangery providing you with plenty of natural light it will also provide you with natural warmth. During the summer the orangery will absorb the suns heat and quickly warm up with no need for conventional heating. You may however want to put blinds up in your orangery to prevent it from getting too hot and to prevent you from being sun burnt. If you’re worried about the winter, there’s no need to, the orangery is insulated enough to maintain heat like any other room in your home.



Orangeries are great places for entertainment purposes due to their natural and welcoming atmosphere. Use the space to host dinner parties and garden parties for your friends and family whenever you feel like it. The rest of the time you can be using the space to relax in whilst you read a book, watch some nature, have a snooze and generally enjoy some you time.

Increase Property Value:


Adding an orangery onto your home will instantly increase the value of your property. Potential buyers often show a lot of interest in homes with extensions as they too often want more space. This is great should you ever want to sell in the future.