The past few years have been tough on all sectors of commerce; the global pandemic caused multiple lockdowns, from which many small and medium enterprises were unable to recover. Even a successful business can benefit from tweaking and with that in mind, here are a few ways to streamline your business processes.

  1. Managed IT services – The best managed IT services in Watkinsville have much to offer the small business; cloud computing, network security and Internet telephone that will save you a fortune. No need to use cell networks; a secure online connection is all you need to run VoIP software and you can enjoy real-time video calls. If you want to digitise your office, these are the people to contact and they offer 24/7 IT support at a fixed monthly cost.
  2. Industry specific business software – Whether you run a grocery store or a construction company, there is sector specific software designed to automate many of your business processes. Talk to a local software developer that covers your sector and see what customizable packages they have on offer.
  3. Social media marketing – Most businesses are not taking full advantage of social media marketing; hiring a Facebook marketing team is guaranteed to generate a large following. They post quality content and always reply to comments, engaging users at every opportunity; it might take a few months, but you should see a growing number of people following you and with ongoing service, the only way is up. Here are some innovative digital marketing strategies you might like to consider.
  4. Focus on customer service – If you want to boost your customer retention rate, take an honest look at the customer experience and see where improvements can be made. If you sell products online, how is the user experience on your digital platform? Do the pages load quickly? Is the site easy to navigate? The answers to questions such as these can help you to improve the customer experience and that should boost sales.
  5. Search engine optimization – Known in the industry as SEO, this is a service offered by digital marketing agencies that helps Google and other search engines to recognize a target website. Millions of consumers use search engines to source products and services and if your website is not Google optimised, you are missing out on a high volume of organic traffic. There are numerous ways to do this; search term content added to your website and link-building are just a couple of SEO strategies used to boost a website’s rankings within specific searches.

If you are unsure about how to accurately assess your business performance, ask a local business coach to take a look at what you do and perhaps they can make a few suggestions on how you can streamline your business processes.

If your business has suffered due to the pandemic, you might be able to get US government support, as many companies do qualify for some sort of financial assistance.