There is just something timelessly appealing about hardwood floors. Back in the day, hardwood floors were the most common type of flooring because of their durability and ease of cleaning. Rugs were used sparingly as they were more difficult to clean. Then, along came electricity, vacuum cleaners, and carpeting. Carpeting seemed to blanket almost all of those beautiful hardwood floors. Now, we find ourselves either pulling up that old musty carpeting and exposing the original hardwood floors or critiquing our hardwood floors that have been exposed to years of wear and tear. While the wood may have aged, scratched, or faded over the years, it’s a fairly simple process to bring back their original luster.

Prepare The Room for Wood Flooring

Take the time to fully prepare the room and the floor that you plan to refinish. Completely empty the room and thoroughly examine the floor. You are about to put a brand new finish on a very old floor and you’ll want to make any repairs needed before you begin. Check for protruding nails, holes, or gouges. Using the appropriate tools and fillers, you will be able to recreate a flat, durable surface.

After any needed repairs are complete and the floor is ready, thoroughly clean your hardwood floors. For this cleaning, hot, soapy water is not the best cleaner. Your goal with this cleaning is to get all the grime off of the floor so you are only dealing with the old finish on the wood. Soap will leave a film on the wood and get in the way of the new finish when you apply it. It’s best to use a professional grade wood cleaner designed for this purpose.

Sand The Hardwood Floors

After the floor has thoroughly dried, you can begin preparing the wood for a new finish. The old finish and the new finish will not adhere. You can use a professional floor sander or any variety of hand sanders to gently scratch the old finish on your hardwood floors. The light scratches will allow the new finish to evenly coat the old finish to bring back that beautiful luster.

Remove The Dust

Sanding the hardwood floors will create a fair amount of dust. You’ll want to make sure it is completely removed from the floor so none of it settles in the cracks and gets in the way of the final finish. A vacuum cleaner is the best tool to achieve this. A broom or mop will leave too many of the sawdust bits on the floor.

Time For The Final Finish

Evenly apply your chosen finish. You can use a variety of tools from sponges or brushes to sponge mops. The most important part is just to keep the finish smooth and even.

Let the Floor Cure

While your hardwood floors may feel dry to the touch in a matter of minutes, it will take a week or so for them to be fully ready to use. As hard as it may be, it’s important to wait so you don’t take a chance of ruining your hard work.

Restoring natural hardwood floors is actually a pretty simple process. With a little planning and elbow grease, you can recreate their natural beauty and enjoy them for many years.


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