If you are looking to launch a business this year, there’s a lot to organise and if this is your first rodeo, it can seem a little daunting. Of course, your business plan needs to be comprehensive and funding secured; here are a few essential services that every business start-up needs.

  1. Accounting & bookkeeping – There’s no need to directly employ accounting staff when there are local 3rd party providers who can keep your books up to date remotely, saving you both time and money. If you create usernames and passwords, remotely located professionals can access the data they need, leaving you free to manage your business.
  2. Managed IT services – You will need IT support from a Pittsburgh based provider, who offer fixed fee IT hardware support, as well as cloud networking. IT hardware is unpredictable at the best of times and when that dreaded blue screen appears on workstation PCs, you only have to call your IT support partner. The 3rd party company also offers 24/7 cyber-security, which is a must for every organisation and they tailor their services to suit the client. Should your network be attacked, the cyber-security team is able to identify and trace the source and that could lead to a conviction.
  3. Digital marketing – If you want to create and maintain a strong digital presence, you will need to enlist the services of a local digital marketing agency. The sooner you hook up with an agency, the better; they can help you identify market groups and they would be happy to formulate an aggressive digital marketing plan. Social media marketing and search engine optimization are both very powerful services to help you build a client base. We are living in a digital world and every company should be striving to develop a dynamic online profile; seek professional help and watch your digital footprint grow.
  4. Recruitment agency – You can outsource all HR needs to a leading recruitment agency, who can source the perfect candidates for you to interview. Hiring the wrong people can be a very costly exercise, plus using an agency means the best people are notified about your vacancy, as top people register with recruitment agencies in order to know about the latest positions advertised. If, for example, you are looking for people to fill key managerial positions, the agency can source qualified and experienced professionals.
  5. Printing services – There’s a lot of promotional literature that a new business needs and rather than investing in an expensive colour printer, you can outsource all your printing needs to a local print shop. They can also handle all your internal paperwork; invoices, business cards and receipts. You might need a few banners for shows and exhibitions and the latest generation of commercial printers can print huge areas on all materials.

The US government offers resources and support for new businesses and outsourcing essential services is the most cost-effective way to get things done.