De-cluttering doesn’t mean that you have to haul a bunch of stuff out of your house. Instead, you have to organize and figure out where things belong.

When you hear the word de-cluttering, you might get exhausting just by thinking of how much effort is it going to take. And you might avoid or procrastinate it while saying ‘I don’t have enough time for that’. Honestly, de-cluttering doesn’t need to take forever, in fact, you can break it down into small chunks. So here’re how you can effectively de-clutter your house without having to worry about big tasks and the effort involved in it. Let’s dive in;

Makeup Area First

When it comes to the makeup area, most of the sections are a mess. So you’re going to work drawer by drawer. Pick out any of the items that you don’t use anymore. Here’s a good trick! Don’t give any item more than 2-seconds just like the rapid-fire action. All you need to do is make your decision based on a quick yes or no, and then you move on. Just check all the lipstick, lip liners & glosses.

Any item that you think has got too old or maybe doesn’t smell that nice or – for any reason – you don’t want to use it anymore, goes into bye-bye bin. This way, you get rid of all the items that you aren’t using. And with a de-cluttered makeup area, you breathe a sigh of relief.

The Bathroom

If you’re a housewife, you must be having enough idea of what your husband uses and what he doesn’t. Just scan through space and see if you find some old shampoo and conditioner bottles that your husband once bought impulsively while roaming around the mall. And it’s been quite a long ever since you had these bottles in your bathroom and nobody is using these anymore.

Don’t forget to scan through the shaving kit. You’ll inevitably come across some of the disposable stuff. Just pile it all up with other unused, unnecessary stuff, and there you go.

The Bedroom

Clothes always contribute to the clutter. Clothes! If in the closet, organized. If in the washing machine, laundry. If on your, dressing. And if lying around in the bedroom, clutter. So what you need to do? Just pile it all up at one place. Take two baskets and separate! Fill one bucket with the ones that need to go in the laundry. And what about the other one? Just fill it with one that needs to be either folded & organized in a cupboard or be hanged if you’re going to use it now or in an hour or two.

Cupboard under the Kitchen Sink

This is one of the significant clutter black holes. This place is often filled up with cleaning products and accessories that you’re either you or not. So all you need to do here is strip out the things you don’t need and reorganize the things that you do.

Experts from the best cleaning company in Dubai recommend that you shouldn’t keep all the cleaning products in there. Instead, keep the cleaning items that belong to the kitchen only. This would make things much easier and less hassle for you to find stuff in the times of need.


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