If you are looking for marketing strategies for 2020, you are in the right place. Here we feature the hottest new trends in marketing today. Achieving the desired sales results can be surprisingly tricky.

Marketing may have been one of the oldest ways to sell, but the way you approach marketing changes. New technology, customers’ changing needs, and the intense competition need you to be on your toes.

Innovative Marketing Strategies Can Add to Your Success Story

You need to be knowledgeable about the latest trends and apply the learnings in your campaign. Let’s explore the 11 effective and innovative marketing strategies guaranteed to deliver results (and don’t miss our bonus tip at the end!)

#1 Know Your Specific Goals

The first step of building a strong marketing strategy is to know what exactly your goals are. Selling a certain number of your product units will need a different approach than earning a certain amount of dollars. Being clear about goals will give you a strong start.

Selling specific units of your product will lead you to discounts and sales to boost sales. However, if you want to earn a certain revenue, you will have to find the right leads and focus on high-quality conversions. Knowing your specific goals also sets you up nicely for tracking your results.

#2 Categorize Your Audience and Leads

Irrespective of whether you are a brick and mortar business or an online company, you should systematically organize your audience. Arranging the target audience in tiers allows you to have different marketing strategies that work the best for that segment. 

For the older demographic, you can use word of mouth, flyers, and posters. Similarly, you can use social media for potential customers who are less than 30 years of age.

Once you create non-overlapping groups, give a name to each category, and list down the customers’ attributes in each group. This data will form the basis of both your online and offline marketing strategies in the future.

3# Plan a Full Year Ahead

Every festival and event is an opportunity to advertise your brand. Depending on the occasion, your marketing strategy will change. For this reason, being a step ahead and listing down all the events you want to target allows you time to think. 

Send cards during Christmastime, invest in emotional ads during Thanksgiving, and show your support to women empowerment on Women’s Day. A marketing calendar also acts as a tool to create specific revenue goals for each month. Following historic trends makes predictions accurate.

#4 Understand the Marketing Funnel

All of your marketing strategies generate leads. These leads then go through a few stages before they convert and make a sale. For instance, your target audience first sees your ads, but only a sub-set of them clicks on them.

An even smaller group will take the desired action on your site. It is this group that has the highest possibility of finally making a sale. Use the marketing funnel as a powerful tool to plan your strategy for conversions. Many analytics tools allow you to set up and track your marketing funnel.

To decide on your next steps, understanding the drop-off reasons at each stage.

Marketing funnel analytics surface issues like poor landing pages. Hard-to-navigate landing pages can have a significant negative impact on your sales.

#5 Get Featured in Publications

Focus on improving your reach. Identify areas where your target audience spends their time on, especially on the internet, and post your messages there. This strategy also works offline. 

The older generation prefers reading printed material. If you know the kind of popular publications with your target demographic, you can advertise in those. Many publications are open to collaborations and paid features. 

Invest in some useful paid features with popular publications and see your leads improve. Online publications make it easy to track interest in your message. However, for offline publications, you will have to devise ways to measure your campaign’s impact.

#6 Collaborate with Another Brand

Another easy way of improving your reach is to collaborate with another brand. The commonest collaboration is to combine your product with the product of another brand.

Give away your product free when a customer buys a product from the collaborating brand. This way, you can reach a segment of the audience that you may not have access to. Your new leads will get to try your product and may choose to buy it in the future.

#7 Invest in Ads

Irrespective of what your marketing strategy is, invest in the right kind of advertising. Paid advertising gives a lot of control for you to target specific groups. Some advertising platforms allow you to target your customers at different times of the day. You can always use the many ad maker tools available on the different sites on the internet. 

8# Sales and Discounts

Do not underestimate the draw of a good sale. We are programmed to take advantage of low prices and buy things even when we don’t need them. If you build your yearly marketing calendar smartly, you will have many occasions to run sales. 

Shopping hits a peak during the holiday season. Planning a good discount deal and organizing a sale will increase your footfall and boost sales. 

#9 Combine Digital and Traditional Marketing Techniques

You can creatively combine a digital and traditional campaign. Drive visits to your site through your traditional print and TV ads. Alternatively, you can also use online advertising to drive people to visit your stores. 

#10 Launch with Exclusive Beta

Exclusivity peaks people’s interest. Everyone wants to be a part of an exclusive group. In human nature, it is to want to be a part of a group that others don’t have access to. 

Use this to your advantage. When you launch a new product, launch it to an exclusive group first. Many electronics companies use this method by launching pre-launch sign-ups.

#11 Body-Positive Promotion

Pay attention to the changing sensitivities around various subjects. Avoid stereotyping genders and project body-positive messages in your ads. An increasing number of companies are using regular looking models for their ads. It gives out a strong message that cares for your customers.

Bonus Tip: Stand for A Social Cause

Marketing based on a social cause is fast gaining popularity. Identify an area you care about and build your marketing content around it. Social causes have an emotional appeal and encourage interaction. They will also save your brand image from looking like a sales machine focused only on revenue.

Use the Right Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Sales

We hope that the tips and tricks we shared with you help you. If you are a start-up with limited funds, you need to get creative about how you market your product. The tips we shared with you today will help you optimize your limited advertising budget.

Our final advice to you would be to be a genuine brand and stay true to your mission. You cal always use apps like VideoCreek to get a leg-up for such things. Use all the opportunities and tools you have wisely, and you will soon be making respectable profits!