A demand for learning Python is increasing with time. If you go through technology and programming news, you might come to know that how Python is boosting as a major programming language. Well, things have changed a lot since 2016 because Python has replaced Java as the prominent language in universities and college.


It’s great that Python is growing, but the greatest thing to know is why programmers should learn Python in 2019. Does C++ is declining or Java is going down? Actually, scripting was the reason behind the learning of a Python a couple of years ago. However, it is easy to learn Python for newbie because this language is powerful enough to develop a web application and debilitate tedious stuff.

For programmers who know about Java, Ruby, or JavaScript, Python learning could be a powerful and new tool for them to boost their skills effectively. Therefore, 2019 come out with precisely apt reasons encouraging you to go for Python training and become an expert in programming.

Why Learn Python in 2019

  1. Machine Learning: In the last few years, machine learning has become substantial and has brought many changes to the field of technology. The suitable example is Google’s Search Algorithms that answer beyond your expectations. You get everything you search for.

Therefore, to practice machine learning in a great way, you should know about the Python language.

  1. Integrity: Why beginners should learn Python? Because it is simple! When an individual begins to learn with Python coding and programming, he doesn’t need to go through any kind of weird rules and tough syntax.

Python is considered to be a very simple and readable programming language. Moreover, it is easy to operate. An experienced programmer can practice Python by himself, but after reaching some phase, he may need professional help. Therefore, it is advisable to go with Python training or professional practices from the beginning in order to strengthen your base effectually.

  1. Frameworks and Libraries: A similarity between Java and Python is the availability of modules, frameworks, and open source libraries, which allow you to do whatever you wish for. This is where application development seems quite easy to do. Moreover, Python consists of various libraries for different uses. For instance, SciPy and NumPy are used in large numbers for data science, whereas Flask and Django are utilized effectively for web development.
  2. Multifunction: Yes, Python is not limited to just one discipline. Having knowledge about Python and practicing it on a daily basis makes you cognizant of its many purposes. With the help of the Python programming language, you can do many things. For instance, with the help of Flask and Django, it would be easy for you to create your web applications. Also, you can easily do data analyses by taking help of NLTK, SciPy, and Scikit-Learn.
  3. Income: Did you know the average salaries of Python developers? You may or may not, but it ranges from $75,000 USD to $155,000 USD depending upon your specialization, experience, and knowledge skills. Thus, it can be said that Python experts are highly paid developers in the field of web development, data science, and machine learning.
  4. Data Science: This is the biggest and interesting reason behind the programmers opting for Python learning this year. Not only due to its high pay and exciting work, but also because it has enhanced tremendously in last few years and has placed itself among programmers as an easy approach to meet the goals and crack the coding problems.

Python is a preferred language because it allows programmers to understand web development, build scripts to automate stuff, and many more. If you are looking at yourself as a Data Scientist in 2019, it is imperative for you to opt for professional courses of learning Python with Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

  1. Web Development: Did you know that Python has discovered itself too much for the tasks that take long hours to accomplish in PHP? This effective programming language is utilized in large numbers for web scrapping. Many prominent sites use Python such as Reddit.
  2. Large Community: One cannot deny the fact that when it comes to learning a programming language, learning about new technology in a huge community is all you need. For better results, search Google for finding the solutions you need for Python related issues. However, going with Python certified courses can be useful for you to find quick solutions to your programming and coding problems.
  3. Mechanization: The idea to learn about Python language can come in your mind during the scripting needs or logging process. Python makes it easy to intercept UDP messages through its module. In simple terms, Python is an answer to all your ways of utilizing tools, automating stuff, and writing scripts.
  4. Career and Growth: Python genuinely describes itself as a growing programming language especially, when you decide to make your career in coding and programming field. You don’t only excel in your job, but also expedite your career growth lucratively. For beginners, career growth and integrity are two major reasons for learning Python.

A Python is a premium level language featuring optimum readability, best designs with few lines of code, robust programming structure, and easy syntax. Getting jobs as a Python programmer, data scientists, software developer, Python developer, DevOps engineer, and more is easy after you are Python certified.


Regardless of being a fresher or experienced, you need a strong problem-solving approach and appropriate programming background to become a successful Python language expert. Therefore, while you go with the learning of this language, start with loops and variables for better understanding.

We are living in 2019, and learning Python has become a necessity due to the major reasons mentioned above. Your career can hit a definite boost, and you can pick the job according to your expected salary. Though Python is not new in the market, its popularity has encouraged many developers to set their career in programming space for sure.